15 in 15 Challenge: Week 14

by admin on April 6th, 2015

15 Health & Well Being Apps and Websites

 Week 14:  This week we challenge you to check out one or more of these apps or websites. 

Statistically speaking, that New Year’s resolution you made to get healthier in 2015 has long been forgotten. Most people only stick to their new health/fitness regimes for a few weeks. But you’re different. You’ve managed to follow us through the 15 in 15 challenge…and here we are almost to the end. To help keep you going after this challenge ends, we would like to share some of our favorite resources with you. This week spend 15 minutes exploring our apps and/or online resources.



Designed to educate about the foods we eat. The barcode scanner makes it easy to really learn about the food you are eating.

Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout: (iPhone and iPad)

Don’t have time to exercise? Sorry, no longer an excuse. This app is great for those short on time and/or when you are traveling.


Helps track your diet. Also, syncs with third-party apps and devices such as Fitbit activity trackers.

Zombies, Run!: ($3.99 cost)

This app helps gamify your workout. The app is part “zombie apocalypse” game, part fitness app, in which the undead motivate you to run for your life—and health.

Hot5 Fitness:

Hot5 Fitness offers quick workout videos designed by top Personal Trainers to supercharge your metabolism for an optimal calorie burn. App is free with limited workouts, premium edition available.


Web Pages:

Health Education:







Education and Interactive:







Do you have a favorite healthy and wellness website and/or app that you like best? Please feel free to share it in the comments below. Together we will build a Healthier South Dakota!

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  • Great site plus it has “sister” sites – mapmywalk, mapmybike, etc.

    posted by Kalyn on 04.06.15

  • My fitness pal awesome site and I have a Fitbit so. I use that site.

    posted by Jackie on 04.13.15

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