About Us

Welcome to Be Well South Dakota! We understand the challenges of finding the time, energy and motivation to devote towards leading a healthy lifestyle. By sharing our experience and journeys with wellness, we hope to encourage and empower the people of South Dakota to build a healthier state one step at a time!

What we know?

  • The CDC reports that at least 50% of individuals health status is directly related to lifestyle choices
  • 65% of South Dakotans are obese
  • Heart disease is the #1 killer of South Dakotans
  • South Dakota ranked in the bottom 50% of US states for overall health

Who are we?

DAKOTACARE is the proud sponsor of Be Well South Dakota as part of its dedication to bringing each of you the best health care to the state of South Dakota.

Why do we care?

DAKOTACARE’s commitment to health and wellness started with its own employees. Over the past several years, the health and wellness team has systematically overhauled the DAKOTACARE culture by making wellness a priority. It was through small but deliberate steps that amazing individual and company-wide results were achieved. By encouraging walking breaks, offering healthy vending machines and incentivizing our employees, many life-long transformations have been made. DAKOTACARE’s culture of wellness and commitment to its employees’ health has resulted in being awarded a Gold Level Fit-Friendly company through the American Heart Association since 2011.

    • Jason Bortnem

      Jason Bortnem

      Jason was born and raised in South Dakota and has worked at DAKOTACARE for 11 years. The majority of those years were spent in sales and marketing as the project manager but he is now the Director of Sales and Marketing. Jason loves spending time outdoors and especially enjoys hunting, fishing, waterskiing and wake surfing.He is the husband to a wonderful wife and a father of three very active boys. Jason enjoys participating in sprint triathlon’s and has used this as a means to keep himself in shape over the last several years. Although, Jason struggles to stay in shape during the off-season, he has always fought the battle of the bulge and continues to look at ways to overcome these challenges to stay motivated and fit during his very busy schedule.

    • Kimberly Vanderpoel

      Kimberly Vanderpoel

      Kimberly Vander Poel works as a licensed practical nurse and certified health and wellness coach for DAKOTACARE. With a full time job, family and other responsibilities, Kimberly understands that living a healthy lifestyle while trying to juggle life’s demands is no easy task for today’s woman. A self-professed recovering Pepsi addict, Kim shares real life struggles of food, fitness, and healthy living. Spending time with her hubby, children and grandblessings is one of her greatest joys. Next on the “fun” list is coffee with friends, hiking and biking, and reading. Due to a personal journey through breast cancer, Kimberly is even more convinced that living a healthy lifestyle is one of the best gifts you can give yourself.